Whenever we go on vacation we always ask our most trusted neighbors and friends to watch our house. Proof that trust and friendship go together. You would never ask a stranger to watch your house or valued possessions, or something you care for very much.

In turn, when a neighbor or friend asks me to watch their house while they’re away, I do it with care and attention.

It’s the little things like this that are huge in friendships. The same happens to blogger friends. I’ve made some amazing friends in the blogosphere and social network scenes. I can’t imagine a day without Tweeting or reaching out to blogger friends and ask them “what’s cooking”. We share recipes, tips, ingredients, and even bring each other through a whole cooking process when asked.

Our blogs, whether food-related or not, are our “houses”. We take care of our  blogs  because it is the showcase of our cooking. So, when Nella went away on her trip, I was more than happy to guest blog for her. Call it a way to “house-sit”. Nella’s been a good blogger friend. And a good friend deserves a great recipe post. What makes this recipe special ? It has 2 of my favorite fruits!


This is a Thai-inspired salad recipe. Most foods in the Southeast Asian region share the same flavors.  Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,India,China,Japan, and the Philippines are examples of Asian countries which have dishes sharing common ingredients, due to their geographical proximity to each other.

I was served this GREEN MANGO-GREEN APPLE Salad  when I visited Manila and  it was the most refreshing and exciting meal in a salad I’ve ever had.

It was a lively mix of tart green apples with sour green mangoes plus some sweet carrots , which resulted in an eclectic fusion of flavors. One of the ingredients used for the dressing was the fish sauce or “patis” in the Philippines, common in Asia.  In typical Thai fashion, the fish sauce was mixed with sugar, chiles and scallions .  Together with the green mango strips, green apple slices and carrots, it was such an exciting punch of flavors. The salad veggies were topped with the right amount of pan-seared ground meat and shrimps, and a cup of crunchy crushed peanuts. Tossed altogether, it was a perfect harmony of flavors : sweet-sour-pungent-salty-spicy. So healthy and so much fun!


I put together this GREEN MANGO-GREEN APPLE SALAD for my blogger friend, Marnely Rodriguez. She is the author of the food blog COOKING WITH BOOKS. Nella has had an exciting culinary career since graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. Currently, she’s travelling between Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts…where she is on an endless search for the most exciting gastronomic inspiration. 

For the complete GREEN MANGO-GREEN APPLE recipe, head on to the blogspot  COOKING WITH BOOKS, and meet my wonderful amiga, Marnely Rodriguez !

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