Purple Yam’s Asian-fusion at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn

You know the food must be good if you have to travel 50 miles for Purple Yam’s grilled barbecue ribs. Which is exactly what I did on a Saturday. Purple Yam Restaurant’s Asian-fusion food was at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn. It was a must-stop on my Saturday itinerary or else my son threatened to throw a tantrum.



Have you ever travelled 50 miles to get good grilled barbecue ribs, slices of sweet pineapple bread pudding and gooey mocha fudge cake? I did. I went all the way to Purple Yam’s booth at the Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn.



Purple Yam Restaurant in Brooklyn  participated this year at the open-air Dekalb Market. They served these finger-licking Grilled Barbecue Ribs to customers this past weekend. 

What is Dekalb? From their site, this is what I learned :” Dekalb Market is a new community destination in Downtown Brooklyn. Dekalb Market, is housed in a collection of salvaged shipping containers, that bring together Brooklyn’s creative entrepreneurs in a community setting that include an incubator farm, events and performance venue, and a collection of eateries and work-sell spaces.”


Purple Yam Restaurant is new to Dekalb this year, but they’ve been selling out to crowds and long lines that have been coming. The Purple Yam crew is there in full force , creatively led by extraordinaire CHEF ROMY DOROTAN and AMY BESA, owners of the restaurant, award-winning cookbook authors of “Memories of Philippine Kitchens”.

They started out serving Filipino food at Dekalb the first weekend they were there. But last weekend, they branched out to Asian-fusion, which delighted everyone. 



There is only one way to describe Purple Yam’s food at Dekalb : VERY GOOD. 

 Chef Romy marinated these Grilled BBQ Ribs in his special recipe of orange marmalade and spices. At Dekalb, I smelled the delish aroma  as the ribs were grazing  the grill.  I had no qualms digging in with my fingers into the ribs, the meat falling off without hesitation and then tasting the hints of ginger and orange flavors  within.

These BBQ Ribs came with a generous heap of fragrant curry rice flavored with spices and seasonings that perfectly complemented the entire grilled barbecue entrée. It was utterly divine. And yes, I was shamelessly devouring this while I just came from another Brooklyn event – the NYC Food bloggers bake sale (more of that in my next post). 



For vegetarian options, Purple Yam at Dekalb offered this delightful “Noritaco”. You know that delightful nori wrap that encases a sushi? Well, Chef Romy creatively turned it into a taco wrapper….crisp, light and uniquely delightful.  An assortment of vegetables and tangy sweet sauces went into this Asian taco. 







And what is life without dessert? Purple Yam’s famous Pineapple Bread Pudding was right there, front and center. It looked so decadent that I actually ordered it first, even before ordering the ribs. Yes, I am guilty as charged. But it looked so inviting.






And dessert number 2: Marvelous Mocha Fudge Cake. So chocolatey, so gooey, so heavenly. Once the mocha caramel-like syrup was poured on the huge slice I ordered, well then we had a winner ! I personally carried this with me back to my home , and with utter reverence, enjoyed every bite! It was as delicious as a dream!



 A big tall glass of refreshing, thirst-quenching Mamacat’s Q. Tea’s was right there for me to enjoy with my Purple Yam meal.

I had this delightful Ruby Slippers Organic Hibiscus naturally-sweetened iced tea. It was simply superb! This line of iced teas are organic, pure, sweet herbal teas. As their product info revealed, they are “hand-blended herbal teas , caffeine-free and herb-sweetened.”




 Meet the Purple Yam crew – Chef Romy Dorotan cheerfully greets customers, always has a kind word to say to you and never fails to make you laugh with his stories. Hey, you can even ask him how he made those amazing ribs….he’ll generously share his secrets!






And what a great time I had chatting up a storm with the very charming Amy Besa, owner, cookbook author and founder of the “Ang Sariling Atin Heritage Institute”, a project to further promote Filipino food and heritage recipes . Amy is the lively spirit behind the counter. She’s easy to talk to and you’ll enjoy her warm, gregarious nature.

I’m glad we were at Dekalb this past  weekend ! What a treat to eat the good food prepared by  Chefs Romy Dorotan & Perry Mamaril, Amy Besa and the rest of the great Purple Yam folks! They made the best Asian fusion food on this planet.

  How did I find them at Dekalb?I just followed the aroma of the delicious Asian-fusion food…and headed straight to their open-air booth !





 Enjoyed a great gastronomic adventure at Purple Yam in Dekalb


 Dekalb Market is on 138 Willouby St.(@Flatbush Ave.), Brooklyn, NY 11201


Purple Yam Restaurant is on 1314 Cortelyou Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11226 ; For more info www.purpleyamnyc.com



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