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It’s a match made in Heaven with the Sheriff from Hell–Hell, Texas, that is. | | | Grace O’Malley is the sheriff of Bandido County in southwest Texas. Posing as an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) investigator, Max Ridell is an undercover Texas Ranger, looking to bust an illegal-alien smuggling ring, and the Sheriff’s office is high on the list of suspects. | | | Max can’t reconcile the honest, hardworking Grace with a smuggler of illegal aliens, nor can he ignore his immediate attraction to her. As for Grace, she can t seem to fit the sexy Max into the role of a nerdy, EPA agent. That doesn t keep her for falling for him, a man who doesn t believe in love. He s been down that road before and knows it never works out.| | | When the truth about Max s real reason for being in Hell comes out, Grace feels hurt and betrayed. Still, they must work together to bust the smuggling ring, without either of them getting killed| | | Can she forgive him for lying to her? And if so, can she make him see that what they have can last a lifetime?


Nombre del libro: AMAZING GRACE

Autor del libro: EVE GADDY

Año de publicación: 2012


Codigo ISBN: 978-1-61194-147-0

Formatos: pdf, epub, mobi

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