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A wise stranger has come to save our world. But is he too good to be true? An earthquake shakes Southern California, setting the stage for the appearance of Aster a stranger from a world far from our own. Miracles happen around him, spectacular promises are made, and wisdom flows from his lips. He says he has come to complete our knowledge, to explain our beginnings, and to correct our spiritual errors. And the world is ready to receive him: politicians seek his advice, religious leaders wish to call him friend, scientists want to study him, and philosophers wish to debate him. But not everything is what it seems. This messenger seems too good to be believed. Priscilla Simms, an investigatory journalist, is the only one close enough to the stranger to get at the truth. But unraveling the truth may cost her reputation, and maybe even her life. | | | | | | | P.V.P. (DESCUENTO)| | 11,41 €| | 10,84 €| | | | | | Enviar a un amigo| Añadir a favoritos | Comentar | Ver comentarios| | |


Nombre del libro: ANGEL

Autor del libro: ALTON L GANSKY

Año de publicación: 2011


Codigo ISBN: 978-1-59979-676-5

Formatos: pdf, epub, mobi

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