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THE NEAR FUTURE| | Doctor Sydney Betancourt has achieved the impossible the first robot indistinguishable from a human. But as she reveals her creation to the world she finds that not everyone approves of what she s done. Some are even willing to kill her for it.| | THE FAR FUTURE| | S-1D, an automaton in a city of robots, has lived for a long time. But it s about to be confronted by something it believes to be impossible a lone girl wandering the wilderness, in spite of the fact that humans have supposedly been extinct for three hundred years.| | Across time, their two stories are tied together. As Dr. Betancourt investigates the plot against her and S-1D confronts the solitary human, they will each find their destinies linked in ways that neither one will fully understand until the end.


Nombre del libro: AUTOMATON

Autor del libro: D.J. GOODMAN

Año de publicación: 2015


Codigo ISBN: 978-1-61868-612-1

Formatos: pdf, epub, mobi

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