Descargar PDF Break Your Family Iniquities de Ali Stabley

Descargar PDF Break Your Family Iniquities de Ali Stabley}

Ali Stabley offers a determined way to break family iniquities in her new book, Break Your Family Iniquities Forever. Her provocative, five-step process is designed to help readers overcome iniquities not only for themselves, but for their children and children s children. Drawing on her own experiences, Stabley teaches readers how to speak the powerful words of healing over their loved ones. Just as the propensities to sin are passed from generation to generation, so are the good traits and blessings, she writes. Mentioned more than three hundred times in the Bible and very different from the more familiar generational curse, iniquity is passed from one generation to the next and often a learned behavior that can be broken. Some iniquities, such as marital unfaithfulness or drug addiction, are fairly easy to see. Others, like laziness, class envy, and unforgiveness, are much more difficult to detect. In Break Your Family Iniquities Forever, complete with a quick reference guide, Stabley discusses adultery, fear, lewdness, idolatry, hatred, jealousy, wrath, selfish ambitions, heresies, envy, revelries, poverty, chronic complaining, bitterness, gossiping, back-biting, coveting, dishonesty, and false humility, to name a few. Each of these, according to Stabley, can be overcome with prayerful discovery of the iniquity, followed by confession, repentance, announcing the iniquity, and declaring it broken over you and your family line. Families fail to live happy, prosperous, and productive lives because they are forever battling sins over which they seem to never have victory, she writes. Her process is certain to help readers escape their prison of sadness caused by years of iniquities bondage.


Nombre del libro: Break Your Family Iniquities

Autor del libro: Ali Stabley

Editorial: Charisma House

Codigo ISBN: 9781616389079

Formatos: pdf

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  • Descargar PDF Break Your Family Iniquities de Ali Stabley

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