Descargar PDF Saint Paul, Jesus Christ And Christianity de Md Jesus Humberto Enriquez Rubio

Descargar PDF Saint Paul, Jesus Christ And Christianity de Md Jesus Humberto Enriquez Rubio}

The Catholic religion is a captivating institution which was built on the basis of touching, beautiful legends. Since ancient times, it has been managed by individuals who dedicate their entire life and time to maintaining and spreading this religion, which has become deeply rooted in western world family life. Each new family member is born, grows and is educated according to Catholic moral and dogmas, which thus represents the only natural way to perceive the world, both with regard to human and supernatural phenomena. Persons raised and educated in this manner are unable to fi nd and discover, on their own account, the truth with regard to God. They keep the doors of knowledge tightly shut, thus preventing other perceptions and possibilities from entering, although their religion is merely a beautiful legend that is very far from reality. The Catholic Religion has prevailed over the last two millennia thanks to the work and testimony represented by the austere lifestyle of an army of nuns and priests who, not only are they excluded from a payroll, but also engage in collecting funds all around the world. These funds continue to increase the wealth found in Vatican chests, thus increasing its fi nancial power as well as its political and economic infl uence. Such is the source feeding the power of the Roman Empire of the west, which is still alive and exercising its functions. This is where the church obtains such absolute power, infallibility and sanctity, as the Divine Caesar it represents. The church s garments, lavishness, display of power as well as the gold exhibited in its quarters, are a representation of the Roman Empire s power. This is entirely contradictory to the humility shown by the Virgin Mary and Joseph, her chaste husband, a story which the church itself has spread. You needn t words to understand this; you only need to closely appreciate the cover in this book


Nombre del libro: Saint Paul, Jesus Christ And Christianity

Autor del libro: Md Jesus Humberto Enriquez Rubio

Editorial: Palibrio Author Solutions

Codigo ISBN: 9781463361068

Formatos: pdf

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  • Descargar PDF Saint Paul, Jesus Christ And Christianity de Md Jesus Humberto Enriquez Rubio

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